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"Whew! I've finally finished my DirectX8 tutorial for D3D, and it's looking good! Fully commented (far too much)! Featuring: *Vertices!! *Lighting!! *TEXTURING!!! (fe

Super Fast InStr Replacement"

"This code runs as much as 5000 times faster than VB's InStr function! I've used the Boyer-Moore algorithm which is the fastest string search algorithm in the world. The lon

Create a HTML file from ASP"

"To create a static HTML-page from an ASP, rather than repeatedly recreate the same info in the ASP-page"

ActivSocket Socket Component for Winsock, TCP/IP and client/server communication"

"Client/server communication, automated telnet sessions, wake on lan, winsock communications using this easy to use compo

Check for Internet Connection / Check for Network Connection"

"Check internet connection and return the type of connection used. example LAN connection, Modem connection, Connecting through Proxy, Remote

Determinant Solver"

"I want to help the math or batx students with this program that this can solve determinants 2x2, 3x3, 4x4. No more. I believe that this can help you ;) Vote please, I 'll very happy

Login code UPDATED!!! reads your MAC address"

"It reads your MAC address and converts it to a keycode. Then the program will ask you a keyode for a licence and checks if these are the same. When they ar

Customizable Menu Uses the arrow keys and return keys"

"Need A Cool Menu? Here you go. You can change the text and highlight color in seconds. Though not commented very well it is easy to see what is hap

Force Timed Shut Down"

"This program will use the WIndows API call and call to the system to force yr PC to shut down when you predefine a time to shut down. When the time is reached, it will immediately

Transparent subtitle over movie"

"Show how to put transparent subtitles over the movie :) it's very simple."


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